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Please note, that they are not all my referrals, as we work as a team, and most of the times, I am not promoting my own link, but my referral's link, to help them build a successful downline and to motivate them! When I see someone that it is working, is making an effort, I will reward him now and then with a referral placed in his downline!

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The Dream Team Formula:

This system is automatically positioning your new Global Domains International - GDI members. View the short video presentation to see the way the system works.


Impressive, isn't it?

The Dream Team Formula system will help you build a constantly growing Global Domains International - GDI downline month after month!

The system provides you:


  1. Automatically positions new members to strategic places in your network up to 5 levels deep.
  2. Ensures each and every leg has 5 members in depth prior to proceed to the next leg.
  3. Efficient and One of a Kind Verticle-Spill-Over system. In case the first leg is less than 5 levels in depth, the system will successively place new members in the next level in depth (up to 5 levels) prior to start the second leg.


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Izabella Julia Garda

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